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Most of y’all get mad at me because I force you to think. Even if you don’t agree. I make you think.

Debating with me is a challenge. Y’all are so used to EASY you don’t know what to do!

Every time you come onto one of my videos or posts, you’re entering into the cavern of my mind.

My thought process. My rules. Mine.

You have one too. But it’s just easier to get pissed at someone else’s thoughts than it is to use and cultivate your own.

It frustrates you because I’m a woman. I’m black. I’m light skinned. I’m single. I’m childless. I’m 29. A plethora of reasons.

But what pisses you off the most?


So, bring it on.

Steve Harvey is a coon and Eddie Long FINALLY dies, Dwight Man wins either way

(Video Linked Below)

I’ve always been known as the protector in my group. Fearless. Warrior. Not afraid to get down and dirty when I see the people that I love and care about in danger. When my following grew and grew, that’s how I felt about all of you. My people. My men. My women. My children. You’re not my husband, you’re not my wife. You’re not my child. But, I understand your beauty and your importance. I know how value you are and the roles that you play within our community.

Which is why I do what I do. I WILL NOT allow poison to infiltrate us and just sit idly by and say nothing. That’s not who I am. It’s not who I’ve ever been. But, I’m no superhero. We have to learn the signs of when we are being threatened by outside influence.

All of these black wealthy people supporting Donald Trump are our enemy. Don’t let those words of forgiveness, or chance, or maybe, or patience get in the way of seeing the truth. They’re going to use our race to destroy us. Mark my words. And only the ones who see through the bullshit will survive.

Steve Harvey had a known rapist and child molester on his television show. He covered and validated “Bishop” Eddie Long. Steve allowed that monster to use his platform to explain himself. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Neither one of them cares about black people. They don’t give a damn. If Steve did he would have never allowed him on his show. He promoted the destruction of the black family, black boy, and potential black manhood.

They are ENEMIES of black people and should be treated as such.

This is not a time for forgiveness. OR second, third chances. This isn’t a time to hear them out or give them the benefit of the doubt. Now is the time for STRICT expectations and consequences.


Black People Are Willing Slaves and Will Never Be Free

Did that title make you angry?

Should I rephrase what I said because it makes you uncomfortable? Because it hurts your feelings?

That’s exactly why we are willing slaves. That’s exactly why the great majority are doomed.

All we need is a celebration, a party, a theme, a purpose that WHITE people give us and we will ignore our own suffering. We will voluntarily give them our time and resources just to feel as if we are included.

The World Series is just the latest example of willing servitude from so-called black people. I’ve seen so many people with Red Black and Green on their profile pictures, have the most beautiful Ankhs, African Regalia, and hand over their money to a sports team that supports Donald Trump.

Yeah. The Ricketts, the family that owns the Cubs, gave Donald Trump a 1 million donation just one month ago.

They don’t like you. They tolerate you and your skin, including their own players, because they are forced to. There by the feed you an illusion that you have inclusion.

You are not included in red, white, and blue in ANY form. It doesn’t matter if it’s a flag or a sports Jersey, it was not created for you.

If you love baseball so much, how many of you support your local baseball teams? How many of you buy their merchandise? Donate to their causes and charities?

Miss me with the bullshit. Stop making excuses as to why you don’t want liberation. Stop making excuses for your master to mistreat you and abuse you. You look at me as if I’m your enemy when I’m REMINDING you of who the enemy actually is.

To say that this is a surprise would be a lie. I already know most people don’t want to be liberated. It’s the very same reason why people choose to be in prison. Life is easier. Life is way more simple when you submit, when you follow, when someone chooses a path for you.

Yeah, you’ll complain a bit. You’ll raise your voice, maybe even make a sign for a rally or two. But you’ll never take the action required to destroy the system. Why?

Because you would have to take accountability for your actions

Which is something you are definitely not interested in doing.

Make a decision. Ask yourself, “What do I want?” Make it plain. When you come to the conclusion of what you want, identify the steps of how you’re going to get there.

And stay the FUCK out of the way of people who are actually trying to help our situation.

I’ve changed people’s lives and their mentalities through my words. Through my actions. I force them to think. So I know what my job is. And I will continue to do it no matter HOW uncomfortable or unpopular it is.

What do you do?

My Journey to Law School

Hey beautiful people!

Ive opened up my life and my mind on a daily to you wonderful people. We’ve cried, laughed, and cursed together. We’ve enlightened each other and uplifted each other. It’s been a beautiful thing and I’m extremely thankful. I’m ready to do more.

I’ve decided to go to law school.

I understand my gifts and I’m ready to use them for the help of our people. I wanted to go mgany years ago, but… I was afraid. I didnt go go to college immediately after high school because I was worried about being a burden. The cost of school was extremely expensive and I didn’t want to put that weight of that on my parents. Now that my father has passed on and my mother is totally disabled, I’ve realized that if I want to go to law school, I’m going to have to figure out a way on my own.

I made the decision months ago. I’ve been studying for the LSAT ever since. However, I’m realizing that not only is it going to cost me financially, it’s going to cost me time. So I have to make a decision.

I can get another job(3rd), but in conjunction with studying for the LSAT, finish my Bachelors degree (Finance)… I will not have time to make videos or publish articles on my website. Something has to give. Because I know that I need to do this.

*********Where the the money will go:*********

(I have to pay for the 1st LSAT & CAS by October 11th, or else I have to pay $90 extra. )

I’m planning on taking two LSAT’s(Law school admittance test). In order to take them I have to pay for them BOTH before seeing the results from the 1st one. It’s $180 for each test. In order to start in Fall 2017 I MUST pass them.

The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) saves some money and time by putting all of my credentials into a file and LSAC sends them to each school I apply for. That’s $175 for each test.

After that there are regristration fees, scoring fees, and etc. that are separate from the CAS & LSAT fees.

I’m submitting applications to 10 law schools. The average cost is $75. This is between $50-$100 each.

I have are my top 3 schools out of the 10. And they are all $40,000 a year. I am doing my very best with grants and scholarships, but I need help.

If I do this alone, I’m going to have to leave social media for the next 6-8 months while gathering resources. And while that is feasible, I don’t want to stop the conversation. I don’t want to stop the knowledge sharing. I don’t want to stop the motivation. That’s the very reason why I’m going to law school in the first place.

I love over you awesome folks and I THANK YOU for all of your support thus far. Be it mental, intellectual, financial, spiritual… I am grateful.

I haven’t forgotten about the folks who donated to #BOHU. You fed and gave healthcare products to more than a dozen people. I’ll upload the video soon!


Human Nature

The more you are attacked, the more defenses you have. All you need now is strategy and you will remain Undefeated.

Gone Fishing

A lot of you beautiful people have been worried about my absence, but fear not! I’m cool. 🙂

Since being banned from Facebook, I decided to take a vacation. I put a lot of time and energy into my videos, writing articles, and working on my website. It’s a lot of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and even financial strain that I put on myself to bring this content to fruition.

I didn’t start this because I wanted fame. It was just a way for me to have someone to talk to during these crazy times. It was extremely cathartic for me. I’ve lived the last 29 years of my life seeing things a lot differently than a lot of people. I had such an eclectic childhood and the ability to ask questions. I was allowed to be bold. I was allowed to speak my mind.

And a LOT of people are terrified of that.

Here comes the negative energy. The envy. The hatred. The fear. Here comes a FUCK ton of energy… that I never asked for. But, it was given to me. And I am determined to make something out of it.

I tried to help my family first. My beautiful eldest niece, is 19 years old. Going to be 20 next week. She was 2 children. She doesn’t know how beautiful or powerful she is. My eldest nephew. 18 years old. He’s a father of 2, with 2 on the way. He’s a genius. He doesn’t know that life doesn’t have to hurt. But, I can’t help them until they are ready to be helped. Until they are ready to work 10 times harder than they’ve ever had to their entire lives.

I needed the “vacation” to help me figure that out. To help analyze the situation with my own family. To understand my position, my role with them. With myself.

I had to understand and nurse the hole that was left after my father died. It won’t heal until I close my eyes and see him again, but I could try.

September 7th marks the end of my 1 month ban on Facebook. I would say that I’m excited to go back, but that would be a lie.

Ya’ll will see me LIVE on YouTube from now on. There’s been a lot going on and I’m ready to give a afresh perspective on some things I don’t think the internet has been quite shaken up enough. 😉

See ya soon!


I’ve been working for months to gather up all the resources I need to fully take my social commentary/journalism to the next level. THE TIME HAS ARRIVED. I just need to figure everything out. Incredibly poor right now, but it’s so incredibly worth it.

Of course I have been able to express myself properly with words and ideas, but this introduces my art and creativity. I’m so excited and a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me from the beginning up until now! I’m very excited about the way life is going right now and I can that it’s only getting better.

I had a radio interview yesterday and an interview with the Advise Show. People were warning me about Phil, for whatever reason, but it was obvious that those people just wanted drama. Two people with different ideas, thoughts, and expressions should be able to come together to converse. That’s the goal isn’t it? People think of Unity as if that means we are all supposed to think and behave exactly the same. No. Unity is when people of many differences can come together for a specific purpose.

I had no idea I would be the person to encourage this movement. Or even that people would listen to me. It’s taken me an entire year to drop that corporate minded attitude and fully believe and invest in myself. I’ve founds ways to make money that don’t drain my soul or body. I’m finally coming into my own. I’m doing life MY way.

That’s where the positivity comes from. That’s where the passion comes from. My first video that got 1 million views, I shared my passion, my grief, my emotions with the entire world. I wasn’t concerned what people would think of me. I just couldn’t understand the dynamic of evil in this country. My emotions are powerful. I will NEVER be ashamed of them. Because if I wasn’t emotional… I wouldn’t give a damn about my people. I would just straighten my hair, lose some weight, and be some white mans bedwench.

But I’m no ones goddamn bed wench. I love my people.

It’s time to go feed my neighbor. His parents left him and his sister alone in the house again. No food, no money. He asked me what he could do to repay him. I told him to get a degree or trade. And help his sister through whatever she needs. And whenever you see someone hungry, if you can, feed them.

It’s as simple as that, ya’ll.

C Fox

Got Banned on My BackUp Page

It’s pretty interesting that I’m allowed to critique black men, but not black women. The second that I say something encouraging about black women and black motherhood they ban my secondary page that doesn’t even have 5,000 friends.


This was why I was originally banned on Facebook.


Yeah. I know right?

If you guys caught the video, I was speaking on an interaction between a black mother and her son. I’ll be making the video again because it was appalling how someone could speak such filth to a child. A man intervened and politely told her that she could damage her child with such negativity. She then threatened to shoot him.

I believe I had learned something very important with that situation. Black women have the potential to make or break this entire society. That’s how much power we have. I wished everyone watching the video love and positivity at the end….

And Facebook decided that was against their policies.

Well, Facebook, fuck you. The message will STILL get out.

For now, I’m sticking to my website and YouTube. When I get my Facebooks back I’ll only use them to promote my pages. And the ocassional Live video.

Journalism is something I should have been doing my entire life. But standing up for people (and animals) that can’t speak for themselves has always been apart of my life and always will be.

Time to get to work.

C Fox

C Fox’s #ClapBack of the Week!

Here are a few of my favorite clap backs. I can’t always respond to bigots. But when I do, I try to crush egos. 💜







Have a #ClapBack? Want it on the site? Submit it to and get featured on my page!

C Fox

When White People Don’t Get Their Way….

Eurocentric beauty is the standard of the entire world. While us people of color know that, it’s an idea that is still disputed by a great number of white people. For those that disagree…

Walk into any grocery store or convienience shop across the country and look at the magazines. Find 3 beauty magazines. I challenge you to look through those articles and find anything dedicated to 3-C or above natural hair.

Spoiler: You won’t.

When I bring this to the attention of the masses, you claim that I’m a racist. You say that I’m ignorant. You accuse me of the very same intolerance that I’m pointing out. White people, this entire world is catered to you. Your ancestors made sure of that and you’re blatant denial perpetuates that madness.

White people have separated every single person of color from their lands, resources, culture, language and more. I will NOT apologize for putting the idea into my followers heads that this is something that we need to reclaim. The truth can no longer be hidden. This is much more than what we are seeing on mass media. It goes deeper than police brutality. This is the very core of our existence. This is the entire erasure of humanity from the vast majority of the world.

Because don’t forget, our melanin deficient friends; in the grand scheme of things YOU are the minority.

White people who have no empathy act like little children who don’t get their way when black folks have our own spaces. They act as if racism doesn’t exist and our feelings are invalid. That’s why I will treat you like the oppressor. If you protect white supremacy you ARE MY ENEMY. Let there be no confusion. It’s your choice what side of history you are on.

We WILL continue to have our own spaces. We WILL have white allies who understand and respect that. White people without inferiority complexes, egoism, and the ability to have empathy will recognize a people simply trying to go through a healing process we’ve been denied for so long.

We no longer want your approval. Best of all, we don’t need it.


C Fox

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