Eurocentric beauty is the standard of the entire world. While us people of color know that, it’s an idea that is still disputed by a great number of white people. For those that disagree…

Walk into any grocery store or convienience shop across the country and look at the magazines. Find 3 beauty magazines. I challenge you to look through those articles and find anything dedicated to 3-C or above natural hair.

Spoiler: You won’t.

When I bring this to the attention of the masses, you claim that I’m a racist. You say that I’m ignorant. You accuse me of the very same intolerance that I’m pointing out. White people, this entire world is catered to you. Your ancestors made sure of that and you’re blatant denial perpetuates that madness.

White people have separated every single person of color from their lands, resources, culture, language and more. I will NOT apologize for putting the idea into my followers heads that this is something that we need to reclaim. The truth can no longer be hidden. This is much more than what we are seeing on mass media. It goes deeper than police brutality. This is the very core of our existence. This is the entire erasure of humanity from the vast majority of the world.

Because don’t forget, our melanin deficient friends; in the grand scheme of things YOU are the minority.

White people who have no empathy act like little children who don’t get their way when black folks have our own spaces. They act as if racism doesn’t exist and our feelings are invalid. That’s why I will treat you like the oppressor. If you protect white supremacy you ARE MY ENEMY. Let there be no confusion. It’s your choice what side of history you are on.

We WILL continue to have our own spaces. We WILL have white allies who understand and respect that. White people without inferiority complexes, egoism, and the ability to have empathy will recognize a people simply trying to go through a healing process we’ve been denied for so long.

We no longer want your approval. Best of all, we don’t need it.


C Fox