Us? More like ME.

I’m 20-something, black woman who lives in the heart of Chicago and who is not afraid to share her opinion. Many of you know me from Facebook and have shared and learned right along side of me. I’ve decided it’s my time to have my own space and be able to give my full opinions and reviews with no punches pulled.

My goal for this page is to explore a side of media and entertainment that others don’t and flat out won’t. I want to give you MY explanation and reasoning and opinion behind politics, race, religion, gender, sexuality, pop culture, and all of the other nasty, uncomfortable things people don’t want to talk about.

On Facebook I was repeatedly attacked, blocked and banned from the site. White supremacists and ignorant celebrities have made me the subject of their hate and foolishness. Now that I have my own platform, I am not afraid to say what  needs to be said when others are too afraid to speak.

You may not agree with me or how I see things, but you are more than welcome to share this space with me. Give your ideas, share your knowledge, let’s learn from each other and SHATTER the status quo.

I don’t want you to just THINK outside of the box. I want you to remove yourself totally from it. I’ll drag you kicking and screaming if I have to.  🙂


with me

C. Fox

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