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People have asked me about where they can donate to my aspiring multimedia venture so I have created this donation button via PayPal. Again, I have not created a gofundme and I won’t until I have a business plan that I am satisfied with.

I’m realizing and actualizing my calling. I see what damage that has been caused by other social media journalists and I would prefer to use my powers for good, not evil.


Thank you EVERYONE for your love, support, conversation, and knowledge. I’m going to keep fighting and I hope to encourage you to do the same.


C Fox

Korryn Gaines: Revolutionary or Fool?

There are strong opinions on both sides of this argument. Some say that this young mother wasted her life and abandoned her children. Others say that she is an example of the way that we should lead our lives. That she is a warrior.

I’ve looked at this from so many angles. It’s hard to imagine a young, beautiful woman such as Korryn Gaines willing to give her life in protest of oppressive treatment by our government. It’s hard to not feel for her son who was injured and now has to heal and live the rest of his life without his mother. It’s hard, but not impossible to empathize with Korryn’s choice.

UPDATE: Korryn’s 5 year old son is testifying to what happened the morning his mother was killed . He’s saying that he started to run away and the police shot him. He felt that they shot him on purpose. It doesn’t matter what you think I the situation, Korryn did an extremely good job with teaching her son. He’s going to be an incredible man one day. That I am sure of.

Simply put, the blame should not be on her.

Lies and truths are so blurred and mixed in together right now. The police have stated to the media that there was a hostage situation and shootout. They’ve stated that they were allowed permission into her home and used a key from the landlord to gain access. None of these scenarios were true. She didn’t shoot until she was shot at. She wasn’t holding her child hostage. They broke down her door to issue a warrant for traffic tickets. That being said, I choose to believe the words that Korryn left behind.

The question  really is, WHY do we choose to listen to the media in the first place? It’s happened many times that when I report something, even if I’ve gained first-hand knowledge of it, I’m doubted by my own people in favor of what Fox News says. This same Fox News that broadcasts Tomi Lahren, Bill O’Reilly, and Megyn Kelly. The same Fox News that allows and encourages covert racism. We are inclined to believe that because this woman had a history of mental illness that means she’s “crazy”. We’re inclined to believe that because the officers were “nice” to her on camera that it means they didn’t have an ulterior motive. Even though we’ve seen countless black men and women shot with their hands raised, we’re inclined to believe that the police force is TRUSTWORTHY.

You don’t find it odd that when they call us mentally ill, it’s usually when we’re defending ourselves. When they call themselves mentally ill, it’s when they’re attacking us.

White supremacy is a powerful force. However, it’s power can be utilized in very subtle ways that you don’t even know how powerful it is. It perfects the Art of War. It convinces you that their hired goons are your friends; that you are safe in their custody. It bends and twists your mind so that the words like compliance… obey… submission… are key to your survival. It makes you want to seek comfort in its arms.

I’m here to tell you, though… there is no revolution without bloodshed. And there is no unity without trust.

We need to work on our relations with each other; black men, women, and children. Speaking on our issues within ourselves and our community is not divisive. It’s mandatory. This hurt, this frustration, this pain needs to be resolved so that we can move forward. Fear is not welcome. Those that are willing to do the work that is needed to be done will be among those who flourish. If you are not prepared to stand up for yourselves, then you must stand out of the way.  How many times have we told our children to stand up for themselves and against bullies? How many parents have taught their children how to fight, just in case they have to defend themselves? How many times have you yourself been told, “when someone hits you, you hit them back”?

Why does this only apply when we are fighting each other?

“It’s about strength. Survival. Together we have no rivals. We’ll fight in the revolution. Giving up is not an option.”

C Fox




Alton Sterling Will Not Be The Last To Die

So, what the hell are we going to do about it?

We keep saying the same shit over and over and over again. We need to be focusing on the things that we can do to protect ourselves. Stating the obvious is no longer helping.

This country is racist. This country is ruled by very few old, deviant white men. The entire structure of this country is meant to oppress the majority(which is people of color, NOT whites) and create capital(aka $$$).

Ok. Now what?

We need to focus on getting better daily, as a people. We have to turn our BACKS to this system. It’s the only way.




Beware the Day…

Alton Sterling

Over the weekend most of us celebrated with our families. While I personally don’t believe in “Independence” day, it was reason enough to stand close to my loved ones and cherish their lives. Most of us went to barbecue’s, shared food, laughter, joy… Some went out and bought special outfits to represent our country. Matched their new $190 red and white Jordan’s to their complementing blue jeans.  We bought fireworks, clothes, food, gas, alcohol; we purchased an abundance of things to assist in our celebration….

Money out, money out, money out.

Very few of those dollars and very little of the production went into or came from our community. Imagine the irony of a father of three, turned faced down, hands tethered,  and shot five times in his back the day after we celebrate our “freedom”. Imagine how Alton Sterling’s 15 year old son laughed with joy as he lit bottle rockets with his dad the day before. We don’t have to imagine his suffering after his father was robbed of his life, because it is displayed on every television station. He sobbed for the loss of his leader, his father, and his childhood. His freedom along with his father, was stolen from him.

Happy fucking Fourth of July.

Seeing the Powers That Be destroy black bodies is nothing new. The video of that father and husband being shot in the back 5 times is passed around facebook to numb hearts. So many of us are used to unjustified violence. We know how this goes. Black man shows hesitation to an unlawful arrest, beaten, murdered with no attempt of de-escalation, media circus, and NO indictment. The same country that we celebrated just a day before is going to justify the murder of your brother.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Do you know what this is a sign of? Louisiana is an open carry state. You are legally allowed to outwardly carry a gun as long as you are licensed to do so. It cannot be the sole reason that you are stopped because it is in your right.  This is saying if you’re black and male and you have a gun, we will kill you. Fight back, nigger, and we will steal the life of you AND your family.  If you think these laws were made for you, nigger, we’ll prove that it’s not. And we’ll get away with it.

This isn’t going to stop with marches. They don’t care. You’re just giving the boys in blue a bit of overtime. We can write songs, we can give speeches, we can hold fundraisers, but the truth is we can’t TALK our way out of this. The only way to change things is by refusing all of the things they gave us as a distraction!

We won’t be allowed to vote their power away! We can’t pray goodness into a murderer’s heart. We need to fight fire with fire, but not the way that they do it.

The Sun


As her child soul wept for the loss of his father, Alton’s wife remained steadfast and finished her speech. I then realized something. I truly understand why black women are so hardened, so tough, so strong. When they kill you, black man, we MUST continue on. When they beat you, burn you, lynch you, hurt you, when they try to destroy your manhood… we have no choice but to pick up the pieces.

We have to fight back in a way that they never expect. We have to turn our backs to this system and create an infrastructure of our own. We must adhere to our own social norms and codes. We must hold each other accountable. We must no long look to outside, external sources for gratification. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If we must work for them, then we will take their money and not give ANY of it back to them. It might take years, decades. But it’s worth the fight.

We need to come together and know and say each other’s names without our blood spilling the ground. Death shouldn’t unite us. Life should.


“Negroes – Sweet and docile, Meek, humble, and kind: Beware the day – They change their mind.”

-Langston Hughes

Land of the Free, Home of the Slave

I’m beginning to be so numb to death.

I hear bullets. Every day I hear them. It doesn’t phase me anymore. There are two memorials in front of my house. One for a 7 year old girl. One for a teenage boy. 4 people have been shot, not near, but directly in front of my home, in less than 6 months.

This story is common. When I see the flowers crooked, I straighten them, and go about my day. I get sad when I see another memorial pop up, the bloodstained t shirt of an innocent kid stuck on two pieces of wood. But I keep moving. I keep living. And so do the killers.

So many beautiful faces. So many happy faces. Happy lives. Young people taking care of their parents. Their grandparents. The underage sneaking into a club. Targeted for being themselves. Shot to death with massive bullets. No rainbow flag plastered across your profile picture or in the back of your car is going to bring them back or stop the next from dying.

We live in a constant state of death, destruction, memorial t shirts, and gofundme pages.

They scream #FREEHIM or #FREEHER… But will cry when it’s their baby next. And their baby will be next.

This is what it’s come to. This is how we live. Blood and sinew and grit and bone and grind. Blood baths. Facebook live murders. Watching the green grass stained with inner life force as a black man chokes out his last breath.

This is America. Aren’t you proud?

The Purge

I’m escaping from the perils of social media for the next few weeks. I need to focus in on myself. My body, spirit, mind, and emotions need some work.

I’m recently out of an extremely toxic relationship, so it’s up to me to figure out how I got in it and for so long. Nearly all of my relationships have reached toxicity. The last person was nearly perfect. But his soul wasn’t right. I’m not quite sure if he had one. If he did, it was shattered to pieces.

The question is, what about me attracts these broken people?  What about me is attracted to broken people? I don’t think I’m uncommon. I think a lot of people find themselves in toxic situations. Instead of leaving, though, they stick around. Create toxic lives together. Build a toxic home. Have toxic children. Perpetual toxicity.

So, there’s only one relationship I’m interested in. And that’s with myself. Clichéd, yeah I know. This is what must be. I refuse to allow myself around anymore toxic people. This includes friends and family. I’m purging everything from my life.

In a little more than 12 weeks is throwing everything away. EVERYTHING. I’m donating my clothes, my bed, my furniture, my shoes, even my apartment. The only things I’m keeping are my instruments and gear. I’m starting a new life. An entirely new me.


Im fucking stoked.


Seriously, this is my Return to Saturn. This is the point where I become who I was intended to be. I’m waking up.

I’m saving money and living faaaaar below my means. Not buying anything new, because it all has to go in September.

This also includes being vegan. It’s been a rough start, but I’ve been doing well. I’m craving things I’ve never craved before. The Devil is a LIE. But I won’t give in.

New diet. New clothes. New home. New mindset. New life.


Bring it on


Now Taking Submissions!!!

Hey, beautiful people! I am now taking submissions! If you have an article that you’d like posted on the site, send me your information! Send an email with your article, including your name, title, and contact information to!

It must either be well articulated, informational, and positive(or with good intent). I will personally edit them, if need be, and send it back to you for final approval!

People, it’s clear that Facebook is a racist infrastructure and I refuse to make them anymore money off of us. Let’s create a community here where your voices are heard loud and clear!



Teacher FIRED for Referring to Transboy as “she”, Files Lawsuit

Ya’ll… Shit is about to hit the fan! They are shaking the table down at the courthouse in Houston! While this is most likely a distraction for the Mayor stealing several hundred thousand dollars that was supposed to go to the flood victims, it’s still very interesting.

The teacher, a black woman, is countering with a lawsuit on… Get this… Religious descrimination!! She’s won’t win. Why? It’s LAW that you must allow children to identify with the gender of their choice. And law wins over religion in this country. There’s a separation of church and state… Supposedly.

What’s really happening in this case is unspoken. No one wants to say the truth. What they really mean.

Well, I’m here to tell you. There is an oversexualizstion of our children and it is disgusting and needs to be stopped. Parents are living vicariously through their kids and not paying attention to what the kids actually want. It doesn’t matter if it’s a social norm or not, if you’re forcing your children into something, it’s just not right.


My FULL opinion on YouTube:

My Review of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta(the good and the bad)

Ok, so I didn’t mean for this post to be 17 minutes long, but here we are. Let’s look deeper into reality television, because whether we want to admit it or not we are being programmed by these visuals. Let’s see through it! My review below!

Look for my review of Hidden Colors 4!!! Ya’ll got your tickets??

C. Fox

“The Real” was real BLACK and Tamar had to go!


Now, I don’t really like touching on a subject twice, but I felt this topic was too important to not make a video about it. I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, if it doesn’t belong to you, it can be taken from you. We, and I mean it when I say we because myself is included, get so comfortable in white supremacy that we forget how they really view us in the world.

We are a COMMODITY people! We are only valued as long as we don’t cause too much commotion and complain too much. They’ll allow you to think that you have power, but it only comes when you OBEY. It’s clear that Tamar’s attitude proved to them that, in Shaunie O’Neal’s word, her services were no longer needed. The pennies that they paid her was nothing compared to what they made off of her. And while she’s walking around thinking that she had comfortably assimilated, the PTB told her otherwise.  That nose job, that makeup, and that blonde hair did absolutely nothing for you when it came down to it.

If it doesn’t belong to you, family, it can and will be take be taken from you.


C. Fox

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