Did that title make you angry?

Should I rephrase what I said because it makes you uncomfortable? Because it hurts your feelings?

That’s exactly why we are willing slaves. That’s exactly why the great majority are doomed.

All we need is a celebration, a party, a theme, a purpose that WHITE people give us and we will ignore our own suffering. We will voluntarily give them our time and resources just to feel as if we are included.

The World Series is just the latest example of willing servitude from so-called black people. I’ve seen so many people with Red Black and Green on their profile pictures, have the most beautiful Ankhs, African Regalia, and hand over their money to a sports team that supports Donald Trump.

Yeah. The Ricketts, the family that owns the Cubs, gave Donald Trump a 1 million donation just one month ago.

They don’t like you. They tolerate you and your skin, including their own players, because they are forced to. There by the feed you an illusion that you have inclusion.

You are not included in red, white, and blue in ANY form. It doesn’t matter if it’s a flag or a sports Jersey, it was not created for you.

If you love baseball so much, how many of you support your local baseball teams? How many of you buy their merchandise? Donate to their causes and charities?

Miss me with the bullshit. Stop making excuses as to why you don’t want liberation. Stop making excuses for your master to mistreat you and abuse you. You look at me as if I’m your enemy when I’m REMINDING you of who the enemy actually is.

To say that this is a surprise would be a lie. I already know most people don’t want to be liberated. It’s the very same reason why people choose to be in prison. Life is easier. Life is way more simple when you submit, when you follow, when someone chooses a path for you.

Yeah, you’ll complain a bit. You’ll raise your voice, maybe even make a sign for a rally or two. But you’ll never take the action required to destroy the system. Why?

Because you would have to take accountability for your actions

Which is something you are definitely not interested in doing.

Make a decision. Ask yourself, “What do I want?” Make it plain. When you come to the conclusion of what you want, identify the steps of how you’re going to get there.

And stay the FUCK out of the way of people who are actually trying to help our situation.

I’ve changed people’s lives and their mentalities through my words. Through my actions. I force them to think. So I know what my job is. And I will continue to do it no matter HOW uncomfortable or unpopular it is.

What do you do?