Everytime I Promote Black Love, I’m Banned…

Black Love, exclusive Black Love, is now deemed hate speech. It is a punishable crime for black people to only love and mate with each other. It’s a crime to NOT include white people into our communities.

Fascinating, right?

Our grandparents fought long and hard to destroy segregation. Now it’s a crime to have spaces of our own. Even though we still aren’t truly included in theirs. Even though other races are allowed to have their own. We are publicly executed. Publicly r*ped. Publicly beaten. Dogs are still being sicced on us. But the mere mention of black people exclusively loving black people shakes white people and their pet raccoons to their core. This is how I know I’m on the right path of thinking.

I’m excited for what’s to come with my website, the forums, even YouTube and Patreon. I don’t speak on things because it’s trendy or convenient. I speak on it because I truly believe it and it’s the right thing to do.

Let’s see where this take us, Comrades


7 thoughts on “Everytime I Promote Black Love, I’m Banned…

  1. Chyna, you know you’re on the right track when you TRIGGER white supremacists who literally take the time to come to your page, read an article, then post a comment so illogical, it wasn’t worth reading. Poor Steve really flipped out when he saw ‘Black Love’.

  2. ya you want your own spaces. Look what you did to ours! Go kiss my white ass you racist bitch. Your grandparents didnt do shit just like their parents before them and the thousands of years before them. Show me monuments temples and land mark created in Africa. There are none!
    one luv another joke, We’ll have another 60 shootings in shitcago this weekend the 5th of aug, blacks killing blacks!
    On top of that instead of blaming america for slavery. It didnt exist for one, secondly the biggest purveyor of slavery were SPAIN, ENGLAND, AND THE DUTCH,
    Black muslim tribes overran other Black tribes and gave them the THREE choices afforded to infedels even today! Join them and become mooselem, Pay in wealth, or be KILLED! The obvious option is to have become a slave. Muslim BLACK TRIBESMAN would bring them to the shores to be traded and or sold off to highest bidder. ISLAM should be your enemy, not whites. The biggest user of slaves Undoubtedly SPAIN!!! Jamaica, cuba full of slaves with one job. To grow and tend to the Sugar Cane for sugar molassis for the making of RUM. You don’t hear a word about SPAIN and the SUGAR SLAVES!!! WHY, cause yall cant get a dime out of them that’s why!

  3. Hello Queen Chyna Fox. First, i just want to thank you for the contributions that you make to the cause of black liberation! Congratulations on your website! Black independence is one of the keys to us achieving black liberation! As a black man, i stand with you proudly Queen, as we fight together for black freedom! The majority of black people in America won’t make it. But us conscious black people must embrace the 20% of conscious black people, and reject the 80% of lost black people, and not allow the lost ones to discourage us! Much love to you Queen! You can follow me on Twitter at Dave Jones @kemba722! Stay strong!!! WE WILL WIN!!! #BlackLivesMatter

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