Forum update!!

It doesn’t seem like a lot but

There are 55 people already registered to the message boards!!

Ahhhhhh real monsters!!!

Please feel free to comment on the blog posts and the forums. Don’t be skurred!!! I’m going to upload a few more light hearted threads(so we don’t drive ourselves crazy) before we get down to more serious matters.

Thank you all so much! Your support means everything to me!


25 thoughts on “Forum update!!

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  5. Keep up the great work Chyna and remember we will not be able to save everybody.
    Some people really like the way things are and will try to keep it that way. Stay strong…

  6. Hey Chyna, It’s Gwen. Had the flux getting to this point. Whewwww! Anyway, I’m here to stay. I’m dismayed with YouTube for banning you from going live. Nothing you’ve said is any worse than T***** S********. Just a suggestion try using Periscope a bit more. Once you become a level you will have access to see who reported people. And you can get Periscope producer. Of course I follow some pretty interesting people. You know I’m here for you. Just keep being you. Smooches!

  7. Hi Chyna, I just watched the Roland Martin Dr Umar vid you posted. I’d already watched the clip and whole heartedly agree with your analysis. They ambushed him with the pandas, such a missed opportunity to discuss real issues. Roland and his panel are now part of the 80% who simply won’t make it.

  8. Chyna, you remind me of myself when I was younger, amazing! I am 62 now and I have a PhD from the school of Life with a major in understanding white Supremacy and my people, people of the Sun. The things you speak of I know for sure is true. I admired how you spoke in defense of Dr. Umar. It was a big disrespectful display of how white Supremacy has damaged our people.

  9. Well! I hope I’m not late for the forum. You’re a very talented young woman who is wise beyond your years.❤👏

  10. I’m here for it. I’ll be here every step of the way. You’ve always stayed true to who you were and didn’t allow anyone or anything to hold you back from keeping it actual and factual. I looking forward to your success and many endeavors. Much love Chyna.

  11. We are in support-Keep on moving and don’t let no body stop you. You own nobody nothing speak your dam mind. White supremacy is strong so we must unite and continue to have our own narratives and don’t let them speak for us.

  12. You have my support sis! If i could articulate myself the way you do i would be dangerous 🙂 … I love listening to you and your point a views. Thank you Chyna!

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