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    • Introduce Yourself!
      So let's start simple, shall we? What's your name, location, and basically any other information you want to provide. I'll start! I'm Chyna. I'm 29. I live in Chicago. I'm tall asf. I'm a musician, writer, lover, shit starter & finisher, and empath... among other things. How about you?
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    • 1 week, 6 days ago


    • Nominate Your Trash Panda(Coon) of the Week!
      I'm trying something new ya'll. I always come across the craziest people on the planet while on social media. You know I always try to use these humans and their mentalities as a teaching tool. So that's why I'm announcing... TRASH PANDA TUESDAYS! You can post your stories, pictures, screenshots, etc here for me to choose who's going to be Trash Panda of the Week (TPOTW). If you don't feel comfortable sharing publicly you can also send your stories to! I'll be posting the first one tomorrow, Tuesday, 6/27/2017!
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    • 1 month, 1 week ago


    • Talk Shit, Shit Talk
      This WILL BE a community of people who respect each other enough that if they have a personal problem with someone that they will communicate with them privately. Exchange phone numbers, emails, hell PO Boxes, I don't care! Keep the respect high and the bullshit low. If that simple rule cannot be respected, then IP addresses will be banned. HOWEVER I'm creating this space purely for non productive venting JUST SO that we don't clog up any other important areas with BS. I know people have bad days, bad moments, can be emotional. Just bring your ass here to vent about whatever and whoever is pissing you off. Now... TALK SHIT, SHIT TALK!!!!!!!!
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    • 6 days, 14 hours ago


    • Trash or Treasure?
      What are some things/people that are treasure in our community? What are we doing that's working and we should continue? What are some things/people that are TRASH in our communities? What isn't working and needs to be changed?
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    • 1 month ago