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    I have a question, a matter of opinion really, but I fear I won’t get a fast or practical answer… I saw a video on Youtube by “Sensei Aishitemasu” A.K.A. Seren, and she said in the past the problem with segregation wasn’t the discrimination, but the destruction of economic infrastructure in the black community by white people. When black people began ARMING themselves, and preparing for a fight… well, integration started to look pretty good. I also asked you, ChynaFox, what could be done to remedy attacks and appropriation on our community, and you said we must DEFEND ourselves. I myself have more than entertained the idea of starting a coalition of black gun owners to promote the owning,safe storage, and RESPONSIBLE use of fire arms.

    My question is this– Should the black community begin training and arming themselves once again? And if so, how would it be done surreptitiously and with the utmost discretion, so as not to overly alarm…opposition?



    Yes the black community should always be building to protect ourselves. You need to build a core team of people you can trust and interact with people in person, don’t talk about suspect things over the phone, email or any other way that is trackable. And if you must communicate through compromised platforms be vague, and only speak the details in person.
    Keep your phone away from you when you are having these conversations as well. This has to be done with Trustworthy dedicated people. Do research, Try and start a Branch of an already formed Black gun Association, that way you can access their resources and network, Or study their model. You don’t need to Arm everyone, There are more than one way to wage revolution, In my State their is a private security group or militia that does security for black Protesters.Their presences meant that the police legally had to stay out of their way and not interfere with our protest and could only get involved if we asked for them. I didn’t know something like that was possible, it really threw me off but if it’s something we could leverage to keep police away from our actions and out of our communities than that would be cool. If a proper network was set up maybe they could substitute police officers in our communities too one day.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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