Going LIVE With Cynthia G!

Going LIVE with another YouTube favorite, Cynthia G. in just a few minutes!

We’re going to discuss the ISIS papers, patriarchy, interracial relationships and MORE.

Join us now!


6 thoughts on “Going LIVE With Cynthia G!

  1. Hello, beautiful intelligent lady.I’m glad you clowned ignorant ass Sotomayor, he need his ass whooped. You the kind of woman I wish I had (not in a sexual way). When Ive said the same things u be saying, I’m perceived as the angry black man, but I be trying to tell my son’s about the real America they think I’m crazy.peace

  2. Chyna, which ever direction you turn, I am following. Keep up the good, hard, dedicated work for us. I am with you all the way!!! Thank u!!!

  3. I have a question do you think we black people were already in the Americas the sold into slavery and shipped abroad once our land was taken? Can you talk about this on your You Tube channel. Thank you

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