A lot of you beautiful people have been worried about my absence, but fear not! I’m cool. 🙂

Since being banned from Facebook, I decided to take a vacation. I put a lot of time and energy into my videos, writing articles, and working on my website. It’s a lot of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and even financial strain that I put on myself to bring this content to fruition.

I didn’t start this because I wanted fame. It was just a way for me to have someone to talk to during these crazy times. It was extremely cathartic for me. I’ve lived the last 29 years of my life seeing things a lot differently than a lot of people. I had such an eclectic childhood and the ability to ask questions. I was allowed to be bold. I was allowed to speak my mind.

And a LOT of people are terrified of that.

Here comes the negative energy. The envy. The hatred. The fear. Here comes a FUCK ton of energy… that I never asked for. But, it was given to me. And I am determined to make something out of it.

I tried to help my family first. My beautiful eldest niece, is 19 years old. Going to be 20 next week. She was 2 children. She doesn’t know how beautiful or powerful she is. My eldest nephew. 18 years old. He’s a father of 2, with 2 on the way. He’s a genius. He doesn’t know that life doesn’t have to hurt. But, I can’t help them until they are ready to be helped. Until they are ready to work 10 times harder than they’ve ever had to their entire lives.

I needed the “vacation” to help me figure that out. To help analyze the situation with my own family. To understand my position, my role with them. With myself.

I had to understand and nurse the hole that was left after my father died. It won’t heal until I close my eyes and see him again, but I could try.

September 7th marks the end of my 1 month ban on Facebook. I would say that I’m excited to go back, but that would be a lie.

Ya’ll will see me LIVE on YouTube from now on. There’s been a lot going on and I’m ready to give a afresh perspective on some things I don’t think the internet has been quite shaken up enough. 😉

See ya soon!