It’s pretty interesting that I’m allowed to critique black men, but not black women. The second that I say something encouraging about black women and black motherhood they ban my secondary page that doesn’t even have 5,000 friends.


This was why I was originally banned on Facebook.


Yeah. I know right?

If you guys caught the video, I was speaking on an interaction between a black mother and her son. I’ll be making the video again because it was appalling how someone could speak such filth to a child. A man intervened and politely told her that she could damage her child with such negativity. She then threatened to shoot him.

I believe I had learned something very important with that situation. Black women have the potential to make or break this entire society. That’s how much power we have. I wished everyone watching the video love and positivity at the end….

And Facebook decided that was against their policies.

Well, Facebook, fuck you. The message will STILL get out.

For now, I’m sticking to my website and YouTube. When I get my Facebooks back I’ll only use them to promote my pages. And the ocassional Live video.

Journalism is something I should have been doing my entire life. But standing up for people (and animals) that can’t speak for themselves has always been apart of my life and always will be.

Time to get to work.

C Fox