If You Shared Child P*** On Facebook, The Feds Are Looking For You

Some of ya’ll really think this is a game.

If You shared the video of that poor little girl being attacked, the Feds more than certainly have a surprise for you.

“A spokesperson for the company told BuzzFeed, ‘We are aware of this issue. We reported the video to the appropriate authorities, and we have used PhotoDNA technology to automatically prevent future uploads and shares. Sharing any kind of child exploitative imagery using Facebook or Messenger is not acceptable—even to express outrage. We are and will continue to be aggressive in preventing and removing such content from our community.’ (PhotoDNA is an image-matching program developed by Microsoft that helps online services wade through enormous swaths of photos and videos to stamp out child pornography.)” Slate.com

Apple also got word that Telegram, an app that many of you thought was private and totally encrypted, shut down their services after finding child pornography on it’s servers.

NOTHING is safe from being seen, heard, or shared on the internet.

And there are still people searching for that video…BURN IN HELL.

Video Showing Proof:

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