I’ve Been Slacking…!!!

On my blog entries! First and foremost I want to say THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!

It’s obvious that my real people see me for who I am and know where my heart and mind is. I see that and appreciate it endlessly. The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least, but ya’ll have really come through. It’s very much needed.

That being said I need for a few people to send me their information so that we can chat it up for a bit. I hope you see this message. These are some of my BIGGEST supporters and ya’ll know why we need to chat.


Ryan Williams
Jera Walter
Spencer Craig
Rahwan Williams
Rachelle Vail
Alice L Newman
Raymond Holmes
Tnishia Dials
Keisha Hudson
Shayla Galloway
Demetra Hayes
“Continuum Circle”
“The Knit Diva- That you Michele??”

PLEASE get in contact with me?? Send me an email telling me who you are because I have something very special for each of you.

Furthermore, I have been organizing and growing. I’ve been attacked the last several months by very organized groups. I haven’t retreated. I’ve been rallying the troops and getting stronger than ever. Now that I have established a bit more organization, I’m fully prepared to continue on with my work.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This isn’t easy for any of us. With more fight, love, effort, we can get our people back together,

See ya soon, comrades. 🙂

9 thoughts on “I’ve Been Slacking…!!!

  1. I need you to forward this message to Cynthia G for me. Try asking the Religion Lovers what can they do with the information in the bible. I recently had to ask my 74 year old sister this question to stop her from talking about god and the bible. I told her things can not just exist in her head. I said she has to be able to put it in her purse or hold it in her the palm of her hand. She tried to counter my statement by saying the bible is proof that god is real.
    I told her that there is a lot of books in the library and that I guess a person has to figure out what they can do with the information in the book. I said that I see mostly men and a few women use the information in the bible to open a Mega Church and get rich. She did not like me putting her in a position where she could not introduce religion as a real thing versus something that only reside in her mind.

  2. Hey, Chyna!!! U are a very strong, immeasurable dutiful and beautiful young lady who I am looking forward to following!!! ThAnk u for everything!!!

  3. Hello Chyna!

    I just want to say, thank you for being a voice and a fist against white supremacy! I love your videos, and always look forward to your perspective.
    Don’t stop!!!

    Tie Zen Davidson

  4. Hey sis I have a pic I wanted to email you of a popular cavebeast I guest shes switched to our men.& Its so damn suprising cause the bych talks so bad about our ppl.I dnt kno if the pic is a fake but I wanted to email it to you.Oh by the way are you subbed to Coon Killer on YouTube??

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