Hey beautiful people!

Ive opened up my life and my mind on a daily to you wonderful people. We’ve cried, laughed, and cursed together. We’ve enlightened each other and uplifted each other. It’s been a beautiful thing and I’m extremely thankful. I’m ready to do more.

I’ve decided to go to law school.

I understand my gifts and I’m ready to use them for the help of our people. I wanted to go mgany years ago, but… I was afraid. I didnt go go to college immediately after high school because I was worried about being a burden. The cost of school was extremely expensive and I didn’t want to put that weight of that on my parents. Now that my father has passed on and my mother is totally disabled, I’ve realized that if I want to go to law school, I’m going to have to figure out a way on my own.

I made the decision months ago. I’ve been studying for the LSAT ever since. However, I’m realizing that not only is it going to cost me financially, it’s going to cost me time. So I have to make a decision.

I can get another job(3rd), but in conjunction with studying for the LSAT, finish my Bachelors degree (Finance)… I will not have time to make videos or publish articles on my website. Something has to give. Because I know that I need to do this.

*********Where the the money will go:*********

(I have to pay for the 1st LSAT & CAS by October 11th, or else I have to pay $90 extra. )

I’m planning on taking two LSAT’s(Law school admittance test). In order to take them I have to pay for them BOTH before seeing the results from the 1st one. It’s $180 for each test. In order to start in Fall 2017 I MUST pass them.

The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) saves some money and time by putting all of my credentials into a file and LSAC sends them to each school I apply for. That’s $175 for each test.

After that there are regristration fees, scoring fees, and etc. that are separate from the CAS & LSAT fees.

I’m submitting applications to 10 law schools. The average cost is $75. This is between $50-$100 each.

I have are my top 3 schools out of the 10. And they are all $40,000 a year. I am doing my very best with grants and scholarships, but I need help.

If I do this alone, I’m going to have to leave social media for the next 6-8 months while gathering resources. And while that is feasible, I don’t want to stop the conversation. I don’t want to stop the knowledge sharing. I don’t want to stop the motivation. That’s the very reason why I’m going to law school in the first place.

I love over you awesome folks and I THANK YOU for all of your support thus far. Be it mental, intellectual, financial, spiritual… I am grateful.

I haven’t forgotten about the folks who donated to #BOHU. You fed and gave healthcare products to more than a dozen people. I’ll upload the video soon!