You cannot find this message on my youtube channel itself! I just wanted to share with you a private thought about how I will be moving forward.


  1. Chyna Fox I know you won’t let these small obstacles hinder you too much. There is a portion of our community that are ready to challenge our selves and one another through meaningfully conversation. It is tough to see “who is who” through all these FAKE concerns one and the next. .
    Please continue to inspire and inform us. Thanks.

  2. My young sistah I don’t want you to be anyone but you. I see my younger self in you and I love the fire you bring. I am here, in Maryland, for you too. Build your army mighty Warrior Queen! Love ya!

  3. Hey Chyna,
    I live in the South Suburbs of Chicago, so I’ll be glad to meet with you and help you out any way I can.
    BTW, I LOVED your Live Stream with Angel and Chocolate yesterday. It was a great two hours!

  4. Part of the reason I decided to follow and support you and your message is because as a black transgender female there are very few black people who speak on the intersectionality of being black and LGBTQ. There are very few black empowerment spaces for black LGBTQ people and I finally found you. You have given me a space to vibe with another black woman who includes black transgender women. I really appreciate your voice, knowledge and perspective. Thank You! <3 You are apreciated. Ase!

  5. Chyna,

    I appreciate your honesty, passion and truths. I introduced my 20 years old daughter to you; she’s spreading your message and media pages to her peers. Keep going, sis!

  6. Hello Chyna! This Sherry from NOLA ! I have been super busy however, trying to keep up with you. Continue to keep it real my little Sis And like you said you know you are doing right thing by exposing people . I applaud you And appreciate you educating us on what’s really or on whether we want to deal with-it Or not I love your Passion keep up the good work-and I hope the best for our black people in black communities that they open up their eyes and ears and understand what’s really going all in this world .

  7. my sister im so sorry these stupid negroes dont have any kind f self worth , they are too ignorant to say something positive they take good for evil.sister please dont let these no good stupid black people stop what you are doing.my soul and flesh is with you stay in the fight, please if i can do anything to supporet you please feel free to contact me.i get my strength from your spirit and the context of your videos,please i beg of you dont give up i would love to help you in this righteous movement.if you need me just reach out your hand and i would do my best too hold on to it.you are the sunshine for darkness stay strong.


  8. Chyna I love listening to you speak. You’re one of my favorite speakers. I introduced you to my son, and he thinks your awesome. Also, did you go to Thornton? I heard you say you were from Harvey.

  9. Chyna you are TOO much.

    I’m glad that you said this. I was trying to figure out that site and then I started seeing so many comments that were just disgusting and non-inclusive. I couldn’t even continue trying to figure it out. I JUST now deleted the account because I’ve been dealing with my own personal drama at home.

    I feel the same way. We should be inclusive and I know I am. I like that you can be respectful about things you don’t agree with that we partake in without dragging the shit out of any of us. Because you COULD. You’ve been nothing but loving to ALL Black people even when some don’t see it that way.

    I’m glad that you have your own spot and I look forward to seeing more and also engaging with you as well.

    By the way, you’re profile on there is still up. I’m assuming you just haven’t had the time to delete it.

    By the way,

    I haven’t forgotten about my own writing! As a matter of fact, I think this weekend I’m going to dig up my old writing from college so I can get more motivated even though I’m dealing with my daughter and it can be distracting because I have to put most of my time into her and not much to myself.

    But I think I’ll start with reading all the things I’ve written in the past!

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