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I’ve always been known as the protector in my group. Fearless. Warrior. Not afraid to get down and dirty when I see the people that I love and care about in danger. When my following grew and grew, that’s how I felt about all of you. My people. My men. My women. My children. You’re not my husband, you’re not my wife. You’re not my child. But, I understand your beauty and your importance. I know how value you are and the roles that you play within our community.

Which is why I do what I do. I WILL NOT allow poison to infiltrate us and just sit idly by and say nothing. That’s not who I am. It’s not who I’ve ever been. But, I’m no superhero. We have to learn the signs of when we are being threatened by outside influence.

All of these black wealthy people supporting Donald Trump are our enemy. Don’t let those words of forgiveness, or chance, or maybe, or patience get in the way of seeing the truth. They’re going to use our race to destroy us. Mark my words. And only the ones who see through the bullshit will survive.

Steve Harvey had a known rapist and child molester on his television show. He covered and validated “Bishop” Eddie Long. Steve allowed that monster to use his platform to explain himself. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Neither one of them cares about black people. They don’t give a damn. If Steve did he would have never allowed him on his show. He promoted the destruction of the black family, black boy, and potential black manhood.

They are ENEMIES of black people and should be treated as such.

This is not a time for forgiveness. OR second, third chances. This isn’t a time to hear them out or give them the benefit of the doubt. Now is the time for STRICT expectations and consequences.