The FIRST Edition: Rebel Reads Book Club(Shout to my Comrades for the name!!)

So, I’ve been talking about doing this for a while now. I reached the understanding that while I am completing my formal education, it’s not enough. I need to learn from OUR scholars in America and across the world. With the help of my partner, I’ve been introduced to so many different authors, philosophies, languages, and books of all kinds. I want to share that journey with all of my beautiful comrades. This is how the set up is going to go:

I’m going to choose a book(or two) the month before the reading is to begin. This will give us two weeks or so to find the books and get them shipped out to us. The next month we will read the books assigned. The following month we have a discussion and learn how to apply the knowledge we’ve attained. So, the December books will be assigned in November, and discussed in January.

So here are my choices for December! Yes, choices. Because we’re going to read TWO different books!

I wanted to explore the true roles of black women in our community. For so long we’ve been told to examine the value of our black womanhood through the eyes of the slave master. We are so much more than that. The first book up tells the story of Queen Nanny one of the greatest black leaders of all time. She was more than her frame, her complexion, her womb. While those things are absoultely beautiful and profound in the African woman, it paled in comparison to her Warrior Spirit. The title is “The Mother of Us All” by Karla Gottlieb. It’s only 87 pages.

Typically the book runs about $20, but I’ve found it in few places for less. I’ll post the links below. Just do a little research to find a good deal.

The second book is Let The Circle Be Unbroken, which works well to complement the readings in the first. The author is the great Marimba Ani, author of other books such as To Be Afrikan and the epic Yurugu: An Afrikan-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior. Let The Circle Be Unbroken is actually supposed to be used as a “frame of reference” to properly read the 621 page Yurugu. This book connects the African persons through spirituality, no matter how far the Diaspora has disconnected us. This book tosses aside the European idea of Spirituality and promotes “an understanding of Spirit as a basis for Afrikan-centered thought and political ideology”. This book is only 52 pages.

This books runs for about $10.

I want to try to shift the mind of the black woman in a direction to which we are not only proud of skin, our hair, our ability to take pain… but our logic & reasoning. Our organization. Our focus. Our SPIRIT.

The goal is to begin reading on December 1st and conclude by December 31st. That’s why I’m giving a little under 3 weeks to purchase the books. Being that we are nearing the Holiday season, I’ve done two short books so that we can have enough time to read and thoroughly digest the information. Do not take them lightly because they have very few pages. They are dense and packed full of different ideas and concepts that we can apply to daily life. Then, the first week of January, we can begin our discussion of the books. By this time I will be able to take calls and get a full scope on what some of you have taken from these works.

I’m going to try my very best to keep the expenses low as I know we are all on different budgets. That being said, here are a few links in which you can find these books.

$10 Mother of Us All ~~~~~

As low as $14 Mother of Us All ~~~

$12.50 Let The Circle Be Unbroken ~~~

PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL BLACK OWNED BOOKSTORES FIRST!!! You might just find a much better deal!! I bought both books for $30 at a black owned book store, Sankofa Video Books & Cafe in Washington, D.C..

Happy Reading Beautiful People!!!

11 thoughts on “The FIRST Edition: Rebel Reads Book Club(Shout to my Comrades for the name!!)

  1. I’ve read both books. I’ll be reading them again and taking notes. My favorite has been Let the Circle Be Unbroken. Mind blown!!!!!!

    Will we be doing live discussions or posted on this forum?

  2. Hey, Comrade! I think this is a great idea! I may not read along with you right now, but I will be sure to read these selections! I’m currently trying to finish “The Destruction of Black Civilization”.

  3. I am soooo glad your back! Rebel Reads will a postitive step up. I am glad you are happy and glowin’ pretty mama! 🙂

  4. I think this is an amazing ideal. Do I buy the books from you or ebay? Oh and thank you so much for the work you do I have my girls watch you as much as I can.

    1. We don’t have any black owned book stores any more…. if you know anything about Cincinnati Ohio we just don’t have almost any black owned anything any more.#sadbuttrue

  5. Yazzzzzzzz Rebel Reads. I thought it was concise and double entendre perfect. I look forward to reading these books.

    Peace & Love

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