I’ve been working for months to gather up all the resources I need to fully take my social commentary/journalism to the next level. THE TIME HAS ARRIVED. I just need to figure everything out. Incredibly poor right now, but it’s so incredibly worth it.

Of course I have been able to express myself properly with words and ideas, but this introduces my art and creativity. I’m so excited and a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me from the beginning up until now! I’m very excited about the way life is going right now and I can that it’s only getting better.

I had a radio interview yesterday and an interview with the Advise Show. People were warning me about Phil, for whatever reason, but it was obvious that those people just wanted drama. Two people with different ideas, thoughts, and expressions should be able to come together to converse. That’s the goal isn’t it? People think of Unity as if that means we are all supposed to think and behave exactly the same. No. Unity is when people of many differences can come together for a specific purpose.

I had no idea I would be the person to encourage this movement. Or even that people would listen to me. It’s taken me an entire year to drop that corporate minded attitude and fully believe and invest in myself. I’ve founds ways to make money that don’t drain my soul or body. I’m finally coming into my own. I’m doing life MY way.

That’s where the positivity comes from. That’s where the passion comes from. My first video that got 1 million views, I shared my passion, my grief, my emotions with the entire world. I wasn’t concerned what people would think of me. I just couldn’t understand the dynamic of evil in this country. My emotions are powerful. I will NEVER be ashamed of them. Because if I wasn’t emotional… I wouldn’t give a damn about my people. I would just straighten my hair, lose some weight, and be some white mans bedwench.

But I’m no ones goddamn bed wench. I love my people.

It’s time to go feed my neighbor. His parents left him and his sister alone in the house again. No food, no money. He asked me what he could do to repay him. I told him to get a degree or trade. And help his sister through whatever she needs. And whenever you see someone hungry, if you can, feed them.

It’s as simple as that, ya’ll.

C Fox