Welcome to Foxlandia!

Comrades! Thank you for joining me! I’ve had to start from scratch and redesign my entire web page. It was a blessing from the ancestors in disguise because I am much happier with the look and feel of things.

What’s New:

I’ve added a Forum! This message board is in it’s infancy, but please share with me. I’m going to be frequenting my web page quite often now. Especially since I’ve been given a permanent ban from facebook. It’s the push away from White Supremacist addictive media that I’ve been needing. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and be a part of the conversation.

It’s 6/21/2017 8:52pm. I’m about to go live at 9:30pm so be sure to catch me on YouTube!

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See ya there, comrades,
Rebel Foxx

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