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Self Love is PAINFUL… Are You Tough Enough To Love Yourself?

This is a question I’ve been asking often. Am I strong enough for this? Do I have what it takes to confront… myself? 

First, I have to realize self love isn’t just a moment. It’s like a revolution of self. It’s a process and it’s never truly ending. Then I have to realize that Self Love isn’t just skin care and a $50 bubble bath. It isn’t taking yourself to a movie, or finally testing out that new hair mask. 

It’s work. 

Hard work. 

Deep, meaningful, and often time painful work. And I had a hell of a day doing just that. 

I won’t go into all the gory details, but I had a major breakthrough today. I’m so thankful for Chris. I have the ability to see things more plainly and organized. This was a process that took many months to get to and I finally feel like I’ve arrived. 

I’m focusing on building a stronger foundation within myself. A better woman. A better sister. A better aunt. A better lover. 

A better daughter. 

That should go for each and every one of us. Sometimes we have to focus on SELF. That way we can help our people without deteriorating. We can create strength and beauty with our people so that things don’t feel like they’re falling on top of us. 

I have such severe anxiety and in one way I feel it’s because I refuse to confront the issue within myself. 

But that’s love is not? Love is not allowing the person you care about to hurt themselves. If you love you try to help them. So the key is try to help yourself, through whatever. 

It’s hard. You’re going to snot and ugly cry. You’ll get to a point where you feel hopeless. Weak. You’re going to apologize for losing your shit. But you must take accountability and admit it all. You keep pushing through the pain and vulnerability and you’ll find that strength. That’s the only way to heal. 

Now ask yourself this question with total and complete honesty…

Are you strong enough for self love? 


PS: This video lightly covers the topic. It’s about placing conditions on your love. 

  • My young sister, just keep breathing, keep growing, keep learning, keep loving, and in the end you will have lived a wonderful life.

  • Hey, Chyna! I just want to say that I love your website and I’m excited for the great things that are coming your way! Sending positive vibes!

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